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what is dairy love?

At Touchstone Creamery we're all about the Dairy Love, which means we take great care with our milk. So what's our Dairy Love promise? Every carton is always local. We source from trusted family farms in our own Washington State, making us proud purveyors of freshness and quality. We never use artificial hormones, like rBST, keeping your family's milk as pure and wholesome as you expect.


All of our raw milk is sourced from great farms located right here in Washington State farm-fresh goodness.


Raw milk is delivered to us daily, processed within 24 hours to ensure we deliver the freshest milk possible.


Our pasteurization method uses a lower temp for a longer period of time yielding a better taste and quality.
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We would love to serve you. To find out how to start carrying our farm fresh and proudly local dairy products, please call us at (253) 478-5915.
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